Missed a game unexpectedly and didn't get a chance to use the Future Game Ticket Exchange Program? We've got your back. New for the 2018 season, now you will even be able to exchange your tickets for a game you missed. You'll be given 15 alternative game options to choose from. Just make sure you submit the request within 72 hours of the new game you want to attend.


Eligible Games: The new Past Game Ticket Exchange Program features 15 eligible games to be exchanged into.


  • Monday, July 2 against the Tampa Bay Rays
  • Tuesday, July 3 against the Tampa Bay Rays
  • Wednesday, July 4 against the Tampa Bay Ray
  • Monday, July 9 against the Milwaukee Brewers
  • Tuesday, July 10 against the Milwaukee Brewers
  • Wednesday, July 11 against the Milwaukee Brewers
  • Monday, August 6 against the St. Louis Cardinals
  • Tuesday, August 7 against the St. Louis Cardinals
  • Wednesday, August 8 against the St. Louis Cardinals
  • Monday, September 3 against the Philadelphia Phillies
  • Tuesday, September 4 against the Philadelphia Phillies
  • Wednesday, September 5 against the Philadelphia Phillies
  • Monday, September 17 against the Washington Nationals
  • Tuesday, September 18 against the Washington Nationals
  • Thursday, September 20 against the Cincinnati Reds

Visit https://www.mlb.com/marlins/tickets/season-tickets/holders/ticket-exchange#past-game-ticket-exchange for Terms and Conditions.

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