What is the Fish Family loyalty program?
Fish Family is the exclusive Loyalty Program of Miami Marlins fans! Get closer to the Marlins and to your fellow Fish fans through the Fish Family! As the core of our organization, it's only right you get the most access to your Miami Marlins!
Fish Family serves as a one-of-a-kind way to bring Marlins fans together, while giving you the chance to earn bucket list Marlins moments and rewards like never before! Redeem rewards like batting practice passes, being a celebrity grounds crew member during a game, singing the 7th inning stretch with Billy the Marlin, a trip to watch the Marlins play on the road, and much more! 
Am I eligible for the Fish Family Loyalty Program?
Any 2018 Marlins Season Ticket Members who purchased a traditional season ticket package is eligible and automatically enrolled in the program.

Traditional season ticket packages for the 2018 season include: Full Season Plan, 40- and 41-Game Half Season Plans, 20-Game Mini Season Plans, FishBowl and 10-Game Suite Plans.

Any Corporate Partner, broker, trade vendor, employee, group buyer, single game buyer, voucher pack or alternate ticket account is not eligible. 
How does Fish Family work?
Put simply, this program allows you to enjoy private and priceless Marlins experiences just for being a valued member of the Family! Earn points, meet fellow Fish Family members and enjoy your program benefits in three ways:
  1. The Rewards Catalog – Earn and redeem loyalty points for the rewards you want!
  2. Fish Family Gatherings – On approximately a monthly basis there will be a large-scale loyalty event that is free to attend if you earn a certain number of points per month!
  3. Standard Season Ticket Member Benefits – Enjoy a Player Autograph Session, Running out onto the field with a player and more just for being a dedicated Season Ticket Member!
Is there a Fish Family location in Marlins Park?
Yes! In Section 11 right next to the bobblehead museum and home plate garage entrance is our Fish Family Clubhouse! 
This location serves as your personal spot to ask any questions that you may have or a place to speak with a Fish Family expert about account information. It is also the location where you will meet for select Fish Family experiences, as well as a destination to pick up select redeemed Fish Family Rewards. 
How do I earn Fish Family points?
Earning points is easy! We’ll reward you for the activities you already do as a fan! Check out all the ways you can earn points in 2018: 
  • Season Ticket Investment – Earn 5 points per dollar spent on your Season Ticket investment, up to 100,000 points. (Points awarded upon payment. Points deducted for returned or resold seats.)
  • Attendance – Earn 100 points for each ticket in your account scanned in at a home game.
  • Social Media – Earn additional points for connecting your social media accounts and staying active with the Marlins social channels. Check the Social Media page for details.
  • Merchandise – Earn 5 points per dollar spent on your Marlins Park Team Store purchases. Plus, show your Season Ticket Member card for a 10% discount! (Excludes online purchases.) 
  • Additional Tickets – Earn 5 points per dollar spent on additional game tickets purchased online or through your Service Representative. (Points awarded upon payment. Excludes walk-up transactions at Ticket Office. Points deducted for returned or resold seats.)
  • Road Game Broadcasts – Earn additional points with promotional codes given through our road game broadcasts.
  • Bonus Opportunities – Stay tuned throughout the season for additional ways to earn points. This information is always updated on your home page under the news and upcoming events, plus you will receive information from the Fish Family Weekly emails.
How do I log in?
Log in to your Fish Family account with your Marlins.com account credentials. Remember, your Marlins.com account must be linked to your My Marlins Tickets account for you to log in. Need assistance linking your account? Visit marlins.com/link for detailed instructions.  
What other ways can I earn points?
Earn extra points by participating in special Fish Family promotions, renewing your season ticket account and being involved with the Marlins through social media. Check the Fish Family website throughout the year for new ways to earn bonus points.
How do I redeem my Fish Family points?
You can view your points at any time by logging in to Fish Family and visiting the My Scorecard page. You can redeem your points at any time through the Rewards Catalog.
What exciting rewards are available?
For a list of rewards currently available, check out our Rewards Calendar! We are continually updating and adding to our Rewards, so the most up-to-date information is always in the Rewards Catalog once you log in. 

There is also a Fish Family Auction in the catalog. Bid your points for limited edition memorabilia and limited access experiences. Remember, new rewards will be made available all season long!

But we want to hear from you! If you have ideas for rewards that you would like to see, let us know by emailing FishFamily@marlins.com
Will you add more rewards?
Yes, more rewards and promotions will be added throughout the season. Be sure to check your Fish Family account and emails regularly to see the latest program rewards and information. 
Can I share my Fish Family points with others?
Yes! As the primary Season Ticket Member, you can designate share partners and forward points to them.
Who can I make a Share Partner?
Anyone that you share your Season Ticket Plan with can be a share partner and an official member of the Fish Family. Your partner must link their MLB.com account to the My Marlins Tickets account and must have at least 25% of the Season Tickets in their account. 
Once someone is a Share Partner what can they do?
When someone becomes a Share Partner, they become an official member of the Fish Family. They can begin earning their own points and using those points to redeem memorabilia and exclusive Fish Family experiences. 

Please note - Share partners will not be awarded points based on their season ticket investment. The primary account holder must forward those points in order for them to appear. All forwarding of points is at the discretion of the Primary Account Holder. Rollover points are not eligible to allocate to your Share Partners, they will remain with the Primary Account Holder.
How do I add a Share Partner?
To register a Ticket Partner, follow these easy steps:
·         Log into MarlinsFishFamily.com
·         Select "Share Partner" under "Home" in the top menu bar
·         Click "Add New Ticket Partner"
·         Enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address of the desired Ticket Partner
·         Click "Submit"
Do Share Partners get to renew their Season Tickets themselves?
Only the Primary account member can renew the account. At the end of the season, any remaining points in a Share Partner account will be added back to the Primary account and eligible for rollover if the account has renewed by one of the early deadlines. Upon the start of the new season, the Share Partner will need to be reactivated by the Primary account holder and they can again continue to enjoy Fish Family.
What is Ticket Exchange?
As a Season Ticket Member, you can now exchange a season ticket in advance for an alternate game date with Ticket-For-Ticket Exchange!
For more information regarding Ticket Exchange, please Click Here.
What can I do on the Fish Family website?
Once you log in to the site, you can:
  • View your points balance on your Scorecard
  • View your account history on your Scorecard
  • Browse the Rewards Catalog
  • Redeem a Marlins experience or memorabilia from the catalog
  • View the available Auctions and place a bid
  • Use Ticket Exchange for a game you cannot attend
  • Connect your Facebook or Twitter account
  • View the Social Media offers
  • Check the Bonus Opportunities page for new ways to earn points and experiences
Can I use my Fish Family points at Marlins Park?
No, Fish Family points can only be redeemed for items in the Rewards Catalog. These points have no cash value and will not be honored as credit at Marlins Park.
What happens to my Fish Family points if I have any left over at the end of the season?
At the end of each season, your Fish Family account will freeze until the 2019 program launch date. Any remaining 2018 points may be eligible for rollover during the Season Ticket renewal period.   

If you do not renew your Season Ticket Package, all remaining, unused points will expire. Points may also be expired through Season Ticket renewal campaign deadlines. Be sure to check your Fish Family account and emails to stay up-to-date with information regarding your points. 

Points have a one-year lifespan from the day they were issued and are used on a first-in, first-out basis. So just in case, you were wondering, the next time you redeem your points, the oldest issued points in your account will be used first. This leaves all the young, fresh points to hang around for a little while longer.
When will my Fish Family points be updated?
Your Fish Family points can be updated in a variety of ways, based on the action taken to earn the points.
  • Points for your Season Ticket investment are updated when payments are made.
  • Your 2017 rollover points are already in your account.
  • Points for attendance are updated the next day, following the home game you attended.
  • Points for social media are updated within 24 hours of the post. 
  • Points for merchandise are updated at the end of each month. 
  • Points for additional ticket purchases are updated the next day, following the purchase. 
  • Points for bonus opportunities are updated within 2-3 business days from the completion of the opportunity.  

For all other activities in which you earn points, please allow one (1) week for bonus points to be applied to your account.
What are auctions and how can I participate?
Fish Family members can use their points to bid on featured items in the auction. Simply go to the Auction section within the Rewards Catalog to review current auction items, check bidding activity or to place a bid.

You will not lose points if you have been outbid. Fish Family points will only be deducted from your point total if you win the auction item by having the highest bid on an item at the close of an auction. You will receive an email notification at the end of the auction, letting you know if you had the winning bid or if you were outbid.

On the Fish Family site you will see the current high bid amount and a message indicating if you have the current high bid amount. Refresh your page frequently in the final minutes of an auction to be sure your browser has the most current bid details.

Auctions will be offered frequently throughout the season, so check the Fish Family site regularly to see the latest auction items.
What happens if I have the winning bid on a particular auction reward?
All winners will be determined after each auction closes. The member with the highest bid at the end of the auction wins the reward. If you win and auction, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you that you had the winning bid, and it will include details about your auction reward. The point total you bid for that reward will be deducted from your account at the time the auction closes.
What happens if I bid in an auction, but do not win the reward?
If you are outbid, you will receive an alert email letting you know that you were outbid and your points will be returned to your account. You will not lose points if you have been outbid. Only the Auction winner will have their points redeemed. Your Fish Family points will be available for you to use to place another bid, bid on a different item or redeem for something else in the Rewards Catalog.
I selected the wrong game date for my reward, can I change it?
We encourage you to use your reward on the date you selected, as these opportunities are limited and cannot be rescheduled. If there is an emergency and you cannot use the reward, contact your dedicated Service Representative or Season Ticket Services immediately by calling 305-480-2525, or emailing FishFamily@marlins.com.
What if the date is TBD (to be determined) and I am not available on the chosen date?
If you cannot make it on the decided date please consider giving the reward to a family member, friend or colleague who can attend on your behalf. If there is an emergency and you cannot use the reward, contact your dedicated Service representative, or Season Ticket Services at 305-480-2525, or email FishFamily@marlins.com.
Will I receive emails on special offers or promotions?
Yes, Fish Family members will receive updates, offers and promotions all season long via email from FishFamily@marlins.com. Our weekly newsletter hits inboxes every Friday with all the latest information on what's coming up in the program. Email is our primary form of contact, so be sure to add us to your contact list! 
Fish Family Terms and Conditions
For more information about Fish Family, visit our Terms & Conditions.
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